Cannabis and Cancer

Cancer is the most important cause of death and morbidity in Europe after cardiovascular diseases.

Contrary to popular belief, Cannabis has been the subject of countless scientific and medical research over the past few decades. Around the world, scientists have been studying and learning about this incredibly helpful plant.

In the United States, in 1974 the US National Institute of Health made the first study that proved cannabi’s anticarcinogenic qualities. Since 1999, more studies had come to light about how cannabis cures cancer. And all of them had confirmed the medical value that medical cannabis has in treating cancer.

Political Debate

Despite all the studies and research that aim the powerful impact that cannabis has in cancer, there still no public or private health organisation that officially recognises that cannabis cures cancer. They qualify as ‘inconsistent’ the scientific evidence of cannabis use to prevent, treat and cure cancer.

Marijuana, including medical marijuana oil is not approved by the FDA for any medical use. Nevertheless, there are drugs approved by the US based purely on marijuana compounds. In fact, the US government owns a patent on marijuana as a medical application. So, according to the US government, it’s ok to medicate yourself with pharmaceutical products but not with homemade marijuana oil.

CBD and Cancer

Cannabinoids in cannabis, such as CBD, may help prevent cancer from spreading. They can also kill cancer cells. CBD have a major impact in our immune system helping with its generation and regeneration.

Medical cannabis oil, specially high CBD oil, are the best way to consume marijuana to treat cancer. They both have a high amount of cannabinoids. Also, during chemotherapy cannabis can help reduce pain in a significant way.

Orthodox treatments weaken cancer patients and make them nauseous and with  lack of appetite. Medical cannabis softens all these symptoms. These therapeutic qualities are the only properties officially acknowledged by most public health authorities.

Cannabis Cures Cancer, according to Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is a popular medical cannabis advocate and he’s known for treating patients of cancer for free with his oil.

In 2003 he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. After trying orthodox medicine without success he decided to treat himself with medical cannabis oil. After succeeding with his own treatment, Rick Simpson started sharing his discovery.

Simpson has been providing the medical marijuana oil to patients for free. He assure that most patients who have used his oil were cured or extraordinarily improved. In his documentary released in 2008, ‘Run from the Cure’, you can see the testimonies of those who tried it.

Even if he is not a scientific researcher, what he has found is the proof that cannabis can cure cancer.

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