Epilepsy and CBD Oil

Epilepsy affects about 30 million people worldwide.

A seizure is the synchronized excitation of large groups of brain cells. Epilepsy It is characterized by recurrent sudden attacks of altered consciousness, convulsions, or other motor activity.

There are anecdotal and individual case reports that marijuana controls seizures in epileptics, however there is no solid evidence. While there are no studies indicating that either marijuana or THC worsen seizures, there is no scientific basis to justify such studies.

Despite limited evidence of efficacy, many patients with epilepsy believe marijuana is an effective therapy for epilepsy and are actively using it.

Epilepsy and CBD oil experienced a major breakthrough in 2013 when Charlotte Figi, a 6 year old girl, went from suffering 300 seizures a week to a couple per month while being treated with CBD oil. She is the first evidence of cannabis in treating epilepsy with CBD oil.

Charlotte Figi was the first epileptic pediatric patient treated with medical marijuana oil successfully. With her started the reforms for marijuana laws and was opened a non-profit organization called Realm of Caring Foundation, based in Colorado. This organization specializes providing patients with high CBD oil and specifically with a high CBD cannabis strain called ‘Charlotte’s Web’ for Epilepsy.

Research about Epilepsy and CBD Oil suggest that cannabis may be beneficial in treating a number of conditions. Also, some reports suggest that it can reduce seizures with its antispasmodic quality.

Many people with severe epilepsy have tried mind-numbing medications, brain surgeries, invasively implanted electrical stimulation devices, diets and alternative therapies, with little to no relief of their symptoms. While there may be some harmful effects from these CBD-rich marijuana extracts, they must be weighed against the very real dangers and challenges a constantly seizing person who has no other treatments left to try.

Scientists and physicians have been quick to warn of the dangers of the marijuana extract because CBD use in people with epilepsy has yet to be clinically evaluated, due in part to the tight restriction the FDA and DEA have placed on marijuana and its compounds. It is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

The dosage of CBD oil

The dosage of CBD oil for epileptic patients evolves gradually throughout the treatment cycle.

First, you can start with 0.25 gr for every 4-6 hours (half a grain of rice). Always prevent unpleasant psychoactive effects on the patient by reducing the dosage.

After the first dosage, once the patient have developed resistance to the psychoactive effect, the dosage can increase gradually until you achieve the desired result.

The dosage will vary depending on the level of concentration of THC and CBD on the oil.

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